Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beach whales welcome!

My first husband was in the Navy. The only blessing of that marriage (besides my three beautiful children) was I always lived at the beach. I love sand, salt, and sun. I believe I was half mermaid in my previous life. So you can imagine how I feel about living in Pennsylvania. The worse part with having five children and on a fixed income is there is no dinero for a beach vacay! We have learned to adjust to enjoy some natural beauty of lakes and streams. But this still is not the same. So I need to either recreate or relocate.

So the kids and I decide to make a beach. We go to the local hardware store and pick up several bags of sand. I go to the party store and pick up some Hawaiian themed cups, umbrellas, and other beachy stuff.

I get home, fill the pool up, put down a tarp and fill it with sand. I plop down my beach chairs, put jack johnson on the iPod and turn on a fan. I tell the kids not to disturb me for 15 minutes. I close my eyes. I feel warm sand go through my toes and my hair starts to blow from the breeze of the fan. Jack starts to sing to me. After a few minutes I open my eyes to find the dog pooping in the sand, jayson emptying a bag of sand into the pool and then johnathan stepping in the poop. So much for the beach. I do laugh at the attempt. I guess watching phineas and ferb was not a good idea after all!!!

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