Monday, June 11, 2012

By now you may be wondering what my title, “Herding Honulas” means. 

You know what herding means … you know like this guy:

Now the made-up-word-sounding noun in the second part of my title.

Honula is some sort of English bastardization that originated from conversations with my husband’s relatives from Yugoslavia. He’s defined it, after discussions with next of kin, but Urban Dictionary wouldn’t accept it.

This wonderful definition was rejected -- despite our family's usage of the word and the fact Chris' cousin Jonathan Bechtolt wrote a record called  The Honula Album!

Regardless of the reject -- -- that didn’t stop us from using it every day in our familiaris vocabulorum – like every single day.

So here’s my definition:

Honula (noun) {hawn uh la) – A person who shows no class, unconcerned with appearances, ignorant in their actions, and is usually unintentional. 

We contract it and use it however we want though.

It works as code, if we don’t want people outside the family to know that we’re making observations about their children: Look at those kids, they’re so hon!

So in Herding Honulas – I’ll attempt to rope moments a la honula to make your world a magical place.

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