Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hershey Highway

For about the last six months we have had the luxury of battling jayson's constipation. He has what the medical professionals call a "mega colon". We get to take him to Hershey every other month to get his Hershey Highway checked.

So ... this is the Hershey Highway people always talk about ...

Constipation is a very stressful thing. Jay is on many laxatives and not potty trained. He has had many hospital visits because of being impacted. Needless to say I have been changing diapers for 16 years. I thought I would have a gold medal for my service instead of the thought that I have spent roughly $8,500 dollars on diapers alone.

Unfortunately, I have shit on my mind a lot. So much that I have written a rap for Jay so he can try to go.

I'll post the lyrics too. If anyone has never fooled around with the app Garage Band it's cool. It is really magical too if you have already have a sense for music. I highly recommend it.

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