Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy Dearest

Dear Dad:

I wanted to tell you that you have always been special to me since I was a little girl. You were always a strict father and made sure I always did the right thing. I don't have many memories of you playing with me or taking me to the park or helping me with my homework. I know that was the sacrifice you had to make for our family. I know many holidays you were on duty but we still celebrated even know you were tired. Daddy, you made sure I had what I needed and you always provided vacations for our family. You taught me the importance of always doing what was right and never backing down. You now are a wonderful grandfather. I am so proud how nurturing you are with them. I thank you for being the strong, loving father that you are. And I am blessed for the relationship you have with my children. I love you daddy!


Your daughter

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