Friday, June 29, 2012

Power's Out!

One of the worse kinds of stress is financial. It's one thing when you can't have what you want like nice clothes, a nice car, a swimming pool, or a vacation. But it is a whole different ball game when you can't afford necessities like food, housing, electricity, or transportation.

The Maldive Islands are one of a few locations I'd be relaxing at right now, if money were no object.

Since leaving my career last year, we have been under complete financial distress. I tried to compensate with getting a part time job in the evening, but it is no where near what I was previously making. Don't get me wrong I had to stay home because of the need for my family and I do not regret it. But it's so stressful when you can't even afford what you need.

We try to make do with cuts to our budget. Some of the ways we have is using Dave Ramsey's program, cutting coupons, participating in a clothing swap, doing the boy's haircuts, and having no credit cards. But even with this it is almost impossible. Our medical co pays (over $5000 dollars for just Jayson), medications and gas to each appointment has participated in our financial abyss.

I hated the movie "The Abyss" just like I hate financial stress!

I ask others how they are able to do it. One of our big obstacles was that we both were divorced, which we are still recovering from.  We also make too much for assistance, but not enough to make ends meet.  I have great compassion for others who are able to pull through so much stress.  I do appreciate things more since going through these trials.  Small things I appreciate like having a cold soda or air conditioning.  But there has to be a better way of getting by.  Any suggestions?


  1. I understand what you mean, it is tough to make ends meet. When you come from divorce, sometimes years later, you are still paying for that financially. I can relate. The only thing that I can tell you is that I pray alot, God is still working on me in trusting Him completely financially. We don't go on vacations, but do take day trips, like to the Global Fair in Lancaster, Steelers Training Camp in Latrobe, Witness Festival in Quarryville. All these things are free except for the gas to get there and if we stop to eat. We do not have credit cards,instead we have a debit card. We chose to support a dear little girl through Compassion International, even though money is tight. I try to be careful of what I buy, I always have meals planned out for the week and a grocery list made up when I go to get groceries. We don't eat out much, although we sometimes order pizza on Fri. evenings. We don't go to the movie theater often, but when we do we choose to go to the $3 bargin times in Waynesboro. For me, a lot of money is spend on gas because I have to run Natasha and Justina to and from work. If I buy clothes I normally buy at Act 2, and often do Christmas shopping on ebay. Some say Crown Financial is a big help, but we never had success with them. We are careful with our money and try not to spend friviously. All of these things I suspect you already know and already do. As far as insurance, my kids have but Matt and I do not. That is very tough. The amount they would take out of his paycheck each week along with the high deductible we just couldn't afford it. Wish we could have some good insurance. Hang in there.

  2. Thank you for your honesty. I know the only thing I really need to do is pray. Thank you for reminding me :)